You Can’t Get Out of The US Armed Forces If They Want You

May 9, 2017



You Can’t Get Out of The US Armed Forces If They Want You

The United States Military is in serious trouble that as American Citizens find themselves overwhelmed by the consequences this Administration’s illegal wars have brought about. In previous Articles here in this Column, I’ve reported on several instances where the US is financially unable to keep up with the Iraq, and Afganistan occupations. Military Bases throughout the United States Homeland have been forced to either close down altogether or minimize their spending. Some Bases are unable to pay their electrical bills. The closure and crippling of these bases has destroyed military towns and communities all over the United States, eliminating jobs, and displacing families. All of this can be found in previous articles either on this page or within the Archives of this Column posted in the sidebar.


In a further effort to illustrate the difficulties the Military is currently experiencing, there is this story regarding the lengths that Military Recruiters are still going to in order to sign our children’s lives away for President Bush’s Occupation Forces.


The Following was Submitted by Correspondent: Mary
“I am writing to you at the suggestion of Nathan to tell you what I have done to military recruiters who are trying to reach my son.


As you know, the military recruiters are given the right to directly contact any high school student if their school receives federal funds. (I am sure this would include almost every high school in this country.) Remember, this law was enacted before we invaded Iraq. At the time my son was in 8th grade and I wondered by such a clause would be in an education law. I immediately requested my son’s records have my cell phone number. However, it became apparent to me that my wish was never done.


When he reached high school, I always submitted the OPT OUT as provided for under No Child Left Behind. However, it became my experience that the school did not honor this request either.


I have also come to learn that military recruiters will tell any lie to a parent in order to reach the student they are seeking to enlist. I have been told by recruiters they are class mates of my son (when I asked what class, they replied with a class he did not have); one of them told me it was my patriotic duty to put my son on the phone; and another has outright demanded I comply with his order immediately.


As a result of having been lied and badgered I came to the realization it was up to me to halt the contact. When I have received any mailing from recruiters, I put in a change of address to the White House address. I have given recruiters a change of phone number to that of the White House. Afterall, there are two young ladies who are of age to serve and that is where they need to start.


I have also told recruiters I was my son who had a sex change operation; told them he was severaly disabled; and they have the wrong information on my son. None of stories I told them dissuaded them from still trying to speak to my son.


I truly believe that parents of all high school students are the first line of defense against this provision of No Child Left Behind. As you have read, we cannot fully put the responsibility on schools to comply with the opt out program. I have recommended to other parents in the high school my son attended to give out the White House number to recruiters if they need to meet their quota.


Keep up the great work of exposing the Bush administration for what they really are.


RecruiterEvader – (Mary)


And then there is the question of ever coming home…


On the other side of the coin, troops are not really coming home from these occupations any longer. And if they are, it is only for usually a month or two before being called to re-deploy. President Bush has in fact recently ordered 3.500 troops to remain as an occupation force in Iraq for another tour of duty, due to rising tensions there.


I have been in contact with many members of the United States Armed Forces, of all branches, who have either had the opportunity to return to US Soil and contact P&M, or were able to find us online while overseas. As a part of a promise I’ve made to each and every one of these individuals to get their story out to American Citizens at home, I have recently contacted these soldiers with information that can help get their story told.


I’ve recently been in contact with Jenise Treuting, who is a documentary film maker from Japan, currently in LA to promote a recent release. One of Jenise’s upcoming projects will be pertaining to the Iraq War and subsequent Occupation. I encourage each of you reading this in the Armed Forces to get in contact with Jenise, and make sure that your views are going to be represented in her film.


The Following was Submitted by Jenist Treuting:
My name is Jenise Treuting and I am a documentary film director. My latest documentary is “Invitations and Ultimatums” and I am now in the
US for the release of an upcoming project.


While here, I am also collecting interviews of soldiers back from Iraq and Afganistan for the next documentary film I am working on. I will be on the west coast for other interviews August/September and on the east coast September/October. If you have a free moment, I would love to talk with you about your experience.


If you’d be interested in participating in this project or would like more information on this documentary, please feel free to reply by email:, or phone:(805-813-3811). I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


I hope to hear from you soon.


Jenise Treuting


And Last But Not Least, Troops…


One of our Correspondents, Xeno, has been completely on top of the Lt. Watada story as it has developed. P&M will soon be offering a ‘Special Feature’ Column where Xeno will be able to bring you the latest news on this courageous and honorable soldier. There is one article up already, at P&M’s Featured Articles Page:


I encourage all readers of this Column to follow that story closely.


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