Yonsal Entrepreneurs Story Part 4

March 19, 2017



Yonsal Entrepreneurs Story Part 4

Part 4

WikiEDGE: Startup owners and would-be entrepreneurs face a lot of obstacles in the incubation phase, least of which is capital. Most businesses, in spite of possessing the necessary capital, fail to get off the ground due to management problems, poor advice, branding (or lack thereof), lack of vision and strategic roadmap, high personnel attrition, and lack of proper performance measurement metrics. WikiEDGE solves all that and more. Partnership and transparent communication are what WikiEDGE thrives on.

Launching a business has never been easier. With WikiEDGE, entrepreneurs can manage and grow their ventures, and gain a competitive edge. Startups can strike and start new business connections and deals, heighten their brand exposure and gain funding to fortify their business visibility on a global platform. WikiEDGE thus takes advantage of the actual business potential of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors, and acts as a launching pad to foster innovation and business excellence for all parties involved. WikiEDGE achieves all that and more through the following tools:


Global-Ability: GlobalAbility offers a wide array of services to enable high performance across several domains. As an outsourcing platform, we have strong holds in those key business domains where consumers often take “ready-to-buy” decisions.

From procurement and virtual assistance outsourcing services to high end financial and business research outsourcing, its aim is to help businesses enhance their operating and market performance. It achieves this by formulating strategies that ensure smooth transition and a rapid ROI with a vision for long-term stability, predictability, and continuous improvement.

A rough guide to Global Ability”s BPO services:

Global Ability focuses on delivering business value by reducing its clients” operating and capital expenses. It optimizes all available resources and provides high-end services.
Global Ability enables its customers to focus on the core of their businesses by outsourcing labor-intensive projects.
Global Ability offers end-to-end services provided by domain experts. It uses state-of-the-art tools and industry accepted methodologies in performing its clients” outsourced work.
Global Ability”s industry acumen, knowledge based resources and alliances empower it to deliver competitively priced, high quality services to a wide range of industries.
Global Ability works seamlessly with its partners, irrespective of geographical boundaries. The results achieved are measurable, delivered on time and ensure high quality solutions.

BIMhub: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to building design, construction, and management. It supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully coordinated. Though BIM is not a technology in itself, it is supported to varying degrees by different technologies.

BIM in practice essentially comprises of a dual-pronged premise:

Keeping critical design information in digital form makes it easier to update and share, and thus more valuable to the firms creating and using it
Creating real-time, consistent relationships between digital design data””with innovative building modeling technology””can save significant amounts of time and money and increase project productivity and quality. More coming on Franchise Blog

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