When Lipstick Runs the Business

September 9, 2017

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When Lipstick Runs the Business

Many years ago a woman kissed her new husband, settled in life, had babies, cleaned house, and was very proper as a wife and a mother. Man, have things changed! Now, we run Corporate America, Lead top talk shows, Perform Brain Surgery, Work as prison guards, Run Hospitals, and kick butt in the board rooms all across America. Women from all walks of life dream a dream and are so determined they lead the way in find the possibilities to make it happen. We don’t tell our little girls to be nice, sweet little things, we tell them to go after their dreams. We are more out spoken in our views and even run for President of the United States of America.

Some women I have talked to shared in them it was because the men they have met were lazy, not responsible and lacked and ability to motivate life. Women are tired of depending on men to make whatever life possible and sit back and deal with it all. They want better to stand on their own two feet and work hard to have all the things they want in life. Hard work is a blessing to be able to show our children that anyone can be anything they want. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

There are grants, loans, work programs many ways to afford college. Determination, steadfast is what will get anyone what they want. You have to want it bad enough to work hard for it. Nothing will ever be handed to you without something in return.

Women, I tell you just like I tell my children, go to college even if it’s a local community college and transfer to a four year college, get your career, move into your own place alone and know you can do it. Don’t hop from Mom and Dad to Husband. All you are doing is going from one set of people helping to guide you to another person trying to get use to sharing life. It’s not easy.

If you know you can do it all by yourself then you can take time and make the right choices. I see so many girls jump at the first man (boy) who ask them to marry and then find out they did not really love them at all. Do you realize how many people are in this world? Think about this…If you lived in Italy all your life you would more than likely find a man there to marry, same is if you lived in Brazil, etc. So, travel meet many people and then decide. You have time. School, College, Career, and Your time to live first. Do what you want when you want to without someone else telling you what you can or can not do and when.

We live in America girls. Stop thinking small and think BIG. Make your dreams come true. It takes work and by all means the girls I have met STOP sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself for everything. Yesterday was yesterday it’s gone. Tomorrow is up for grabs, jump into full speed ahead and think, make and do.

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