What to Do With All Those Magazines and Catalogs

July 13, 2017



What to Do With All Those Magazines and Catalogs

Magazines and catalogs tend to pile up and fill our space and our homes.  They come in the mail all the time, so there is a continuous flow.  Are they really serving you or are you serving them?

Here are some tips to help you get magazines and catalogs under control.

Reduce subscriptions. There are a couple ways you can reduce your subscriptions and catalogs.  You can cancel subscriptions and pare it down to just the ones you really read and enjoy.  When it comes to unsolicited catalogs, you can go to direct marketing association web site to get off mailings you don’t want.

Use magazine holders.  Magazine holders are a great way to organize your magazines and catalogs.  They come in a variety of materials from cardboard to leather.  They keep them vertical and easy to access.  You can also use them as a guideline of how many to keep.  When the box is full, you know it’s time to toss some out. 

Clip what you want.  Rather than keeping the whole magazine, just clip the article you want to read or reference.  Staple the pages together and put into a file folder.  You might label the folder “To Read”.  Keep it handy so you can grab it when you go to an appointment or travel and have extra time while waiting.

Limit the time you keep.  Set a limit of how long you will keep them around.  Maybe 2-3 months is a good guideline.  Remember, more are always on the way.

Toss out periodically.  Another tip is to plan to toss out certain times during the year.  Maybe spring and fall around a long holiday weekend are good times to weed out the stacks of magazines and catalogs sitting around.

Place in good spot.  Remember to keep your magazines and catalogs in a place where you are likely to read them.  Maybe it’s your bedside table or living room chair.

File Trade Journals.  If you want to file certain trade journals for future reference, a great tip is to file them in a file drawer.  What you can do is cut a hanging file folder in two.  Then place the magazine over the metal strip.  This way the spine is visible, so you can organize by date, if needed.

Try some of these ideas and see if they help you get organized and make it easier to enjoy your magazines and catalogs without filling up your house.

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