Tragedy of Arab Christians and Law in the Middle East

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Tragedy of Arab Christians and Law in the Middle East

Hasan Yahya, a writer from Palestine

 Two incidents recently happened in the troubled , politically, religiously and socially, Middle East need attention.  One in Lebanon and the other in Egypt and Iraq. The first was against an Egyptian Muslim and the other two incidents one in Egypt, and the other in Iraq, both incidents were directed against Christians in both countries.

 In Egypt, angry Muslims set fire to homes owned by the family of a Christian person after he was rumored to have flirted with Muslim girl in Southern village called al-Nawahid village in Qina province. Several Muslims were arrested after the overnight torching of five houses belong to Christians Quptic family.

It is occasionally happened when flare-ups in Egypt anti-Quptic riots broke out when villagers torched Quptic homes after a Qupt allegedly rape a Muslim girl in the same district (Gina). In that incident Muslim gunned down six Qupts after Christians Eve Mass in the city of Nagaa Hammadi.

 The other incident against Christian s, accused al-Qa’ida to be responsible,  was bombing churches in Baghdad, Iraq at Our Lady of Salvation Church this month. Where scraps of flesh remained between the pews. It was the worst massacre of Iraqi Christians since the war began here in 2003. The massacre, in which 58 people were killed by an affiliate of al-Qa’ida,  paled before the worst spectacles of violence in Iraq. While since the American invasion, hundreds of thousands have died here — Sunni and Shiite Muslims — and few of the deaths generated the outrage expressed by many inside and outside Iraq.

 The second incident happened in South Lebanon, the village of  Katurmaya, An Egyptian Muslim (his mother is Lebanese), was  allegedly accused of murder of  three persons, an old man, his wife, and a young girl. When the police brought the suspect to the ground of the crime for forensic investigation,  the people in the village young and old, attacked the police cars, and took over the situation, kidnapped the Egyptian, and  hanged  him . An incident prove two indicators show decay of laws and demagogue control. It proves lack of law on land, and the absence of government power. It proves the chaos in the Middle East is taking place and should be changed.

 While two of the three incidents were happened against Christians, reporters and concerned politicians began to question the position of Arab and non-Arab Christians in the Middle East.  While history show in several epochs, Jews, Muslims and Christians have peacefully live in the Middle East. I wonder if Israel calling herself a Jewish state has something to do in inciting religious identity in the area, Iran shi’sm, Saudi’s Wahhabism,  Egypt’s Sunnis, and Qupt’s Orthodox.  But in the end, Religious control has its ugly face which may ruin peace in any country small or large not excluding  Europe from the phenomena. (487 words)

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