Tourist Attractions in Bern, the Capital of Switzerland

March 12, 2017

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Tourist Attractions in Bern, the Capital of Switzerland

Bern (Berne in French) is a medium-sized city and the capital of Switzerland. It features 4 miles of walkways along streets and has several fountains and clock-towers. It has many tourist attractions, museums and historic sites and also offers a spectacular view of the Alps. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Bern are as follows:

1. The Clock Tower:

The Berne Clock Tower can be found close to the very heart of the Old Town district, where it has become one of the most loved landmarks and tourist attractions. All through the day you will be able to hear the hourly chimes and see the animated characters, which include a cockerel, jester, bears and a bearded king.

2. The Bear Pit:

The list of Tourist Attractions in Bern is incomplete if you miss to mention the Bear Pit. In fact, the city got its name from this place. It is just across the river Aare, not far from the Old Town of Bern. The Bear Pit is in the same location since 1857 and has undergone renovation in 1995-96. Every day the bears are kept in the open for a certain period.

3.  Einstein House:

This Einstein House may only comprise three rooms and for most is a little cramped, but is of enormous historical significance and a particularly special attraction. It was this very spot where in 1905, the world-famous, Nobel-prize winning, and rather struggling scientist Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) actually developed his legendary theory of relativity. There are several original documents and photos on display from Einstein’s life and work.

4.  Houses of Parliament:

The Houses of Parliamentor Beudeshaus is an example of the Renaissance style of buildings. Parliament meets in this building when in session and the glass dome that shows the coat of arms for this building is one that must be seen. The building has many wall paintings and statues that should not be missed. Guided tours of the Bundeshaus run when Parliament is actually in recess and allow you to get a close-up look at the many interior attractions.

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