The Martial Arts As A Method To Reach The God Concept

March 15, 2017



The Martial Arts As A Method To Reach The God Concept

Up to this point in history the idea of perceiving the God Concept through the martial arts was not really considered possible. If one wants to come to an understanding of God, the reasoning goes, one must join an establishment and follow the rules of that establishment. This flies in the face of the true abilities that are the essence of the ‘I am’ that actuates the human form.

If one examines the writings of martial artists over the ages, one can see that there is a distinct and pervading spirituality that evolves as one studies the martial arts. This spirituality has been achieved by such luminaries as Morihei Ueshiba, and is available to all who are willing to follow a set series of steps. Following are the distinct steps that one must follow.

The practice of martial arts form and technique provide a discipline beyond what is experienced in the normal world. This discipline reaches far beyond the mundane world of education, and right into the spirit actuating the body. This discipline, if following correctly, will point to and liberate the spirit quite effectively.

Coming to grips with the fact that one has a body points to there existing something in the universe other than a body. ‘Who drives the automobile’ is the question, and one stops being a passenger in this universe and begins the journey to controlling the automobile. Thus, the body becomes something to drive, and the car is a mechanism that contains the spirit, and the martial artist stops looking at the body as a body and starts considering it as a temple pushed along by the spirit.

To make this happen faster one should matrix the martial art they are engaged in. This is the applying of common sense and the rules of physics to the apparently random motions that the sequencing of favored martial arts tricks has become. Thus, ones progress is not measured by endless pull ups to God, which can, in the long run, take a little longer than forever, but rather through the ordered moving of awareness through the body.

This is my body, and it does what I want. This is my skin, and to go beyond the boundary of skin is possible through kata and the cultivation of extra senses, and if I unlimit myself in this fashion I will experience directly a universe where spirituality reigns supreme. This is possible through the martial arts, and enhanced through the science of Matrixing.

Utilizing Matrixing in the Martial Arts, one quickly comes to an understanding of this other universe. And one discovers the superiority of this other universe, and that this other universe actually rules over the commonly excepted and sense proven universe. Indeed, one discovers that this superior universe has always been, and been in conjunction with the sense proven universe, and, in actuality, it has only been through the actuation of the Divine Universe that the sensory universe been made to function at all.

Ultimately, as one forays into and tames this other and more superior universe of the spirit, one discovers that his nature, unlimited from body, is Neutronic: that he is a Neutronic Being. The universe follows certain rules, and these rules are defined through a study and application of Neutronics. Thus, through an awareness of first Matrixing, and then Neutronics, the Martial Arts become valid as one of the four paths to the God Concept.

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