The Lousy Signal of a High Tech Cell Phone

April 18, 2017


The Lousy Signal of a High Tech Cell Phone

Many people get disappointed once they realize that their new, high tech mobile phone does not have a better signal compared to their older model mobile. Many manufacturing companies tend not to bother to tell the customers that high tech phones don’t generally get food signal which causes a lot of anger, confusion and frustration for those who buy them.

Numerous blogs have people complaining that they are getting lousy mobile phone signal with their new phones compared to the older ones. One good old model phone is one which only has the basic functions of making and receiving calls, send and receive text messages and run simple games. This phone is often rather basic, no cameras, no voice recognition functions, no roaming, black and white lcd screen. This is the same phone which can receive mobile phone signal without difficulty anywhere at any time. The high tech phone’s signal might get affected if it were inside a concrete walled room or numerous trees and cloud cover obstructs the reception of the signal.

High tech cell phones come in an excellent package of colored touch screens, video cameras, a standard digital camera, the games are PlayStation worthy, it would get roaming capabilities, and it could possibly even be android powered. This would not receive any signal in the same room. Why is that? How the cellphone is made and loaded is the answer. When a mobile phone is fully loaded having a many features and program hooked up in it, these might take up a lot of memory and there would have to be some sacrifices made, one funtion that everybody sometimes ignores but expects: the phone’s ability to get that satellite signal.

The customer has to appreciate that they’re buying a piece of kit that is fully loaded, meaning the graphics which should allow it to be attractive for the customer is what weighs down the phone, and only thing which will eventually get affected will be the signal capture. This signifies that if you are the kind of customer who uses a cell phone basically for communications only, do not get a completely loaded and playful phone that can’t even get a two bar signal on a good day. This will be the very reason why the world’s most expensive and opulent mobile is not an iPhone, instead, it is as basic as it can get. Some of these expensive but highly functional communications equipment come with antennae. The one thing that is important to understand is that these phones can access the signals easily. Why? Because the hifaluting applications are sacrificed for the sake of communication, not games.


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