The Benefits Of Audio Books For Children

September 13, 2017



The Benefits Of Audio Books For Children

While reading to your child is ideal, sometimes it’s just not possible. Audio books for kids are a great alternative because you and your child can enjoy the story together while doing something else (like riding in the car.) And when you can’t be there to read, your child can still enjoy the story and the book.

Children’s audio books are great fun for kids, whether they are enjoying them at home or while traveling.

If you are going on a summer vacation with your children, be sure and take some audio books with you; they’ll make the car, train, or plane trip much more fun for your children.

If your children have individual CD players, they can each listen to their own audio book, or you can choose audio books that the whole family will enjoy.

You’ll find that audiobook editions of many popular books for kids and teens are available.

Sometimes, listening to a story together while looking at the pictures is a great alternative to always reading a story yourself.

In the case of Bartholomew’s Gift, my most recent book, a song is part of the story. A beautiful shining lady sings to little Bartholomew. The song’s melody can’t be enjoyed if you are just reading the words.
I felt the story begged for an audio narration.

The angel’s song sooths her words forth and rests in our heart so that we will remember. We have to hear it.

While reading the story to a group of 3 and 4-year-old girls at a local book store, I was intrigued to see how their eyes met mine when I began to sing the angel’s song. By the third rendition, one of the little girls began to softly sing along. She had the words in her heart already.
The tune helps the message to settle in our souls.

The wonderful narration ads life to the story.

While I prefer that the story be read to the child, I envisioned a tired parent at the end of the day, popping in the CD and just resting and listening, turning the pages so their little one could follow along.
I envision little ones being helped to sleep by the narration of the story ending with a soothing harp solo.

For Bartholomew’s Gift, the audio presentation rounds out the message of the story. It enables the child to experience Bartholomew’s story in a special way.

To hear excerpts of the audio narration and download the sheet music for “Cherished in His Eyes” go to my website.

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