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September 13, 2017


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Tech Fortune laser engraver Technology Co


With vast experience and Advanced Technologies, Tech Fortune International engraving & cutting Technology Co., Ltd is providing the perfect engraving & cutting solutions for all the honorific clients, and also the specific training and service for after sale..

We are supplying a long range of product line of laser engraver and CNC router for our clients with various sizes and multifunctional machines.

Solutions for Retail, Commerce, System, Industry and so on in the worldwide both the dynamoelectric and the laser engravers with the high and new technology.

To meet the different needs for different industries, with the advantages of fast, high-precision, durable, economic, high-quality, and operation simple practical. by now, we had served for the woodworking, advertising, decoration, signs, label, stone carving, and gift industry.

Concept–‘4P Concept’

(People)–Talent is our most important resource,the basis for every achievement.

(Professional)–We focus on professional services and a professional staff because we deeply believe that highquality buds from professional standards.

(Partnership)–Partnership is an effective way to sharpen our competitiveness by making full use of the resources inside and outside Modern English.

(Perfection)–We are in continuous pursuit of perfection an being NO.1!We know all our customers are striving fo excellence and we want to help your company achieve your goals.

How to get your desired machine?

1)The service.(Most of the service is provided online)


a) The ability of supplying the wearing parts always.

b)The online service.Wether this company has ability of providing serive online with good background technology and English?

2)Some kEY words that determine the quality of the laser machines.

A)Step motor.

Noradays in China,there are many different levels.There are three levels in all now in Chinese machines’ factories:

1)The imported step motors like Panasonic,YAS,etc.

2)The joint venture made type,The company is originally from some advanced countries but the motors are made in their Chinese factories.

3)The local made motors.Actually in China,most of the factories can not reach the advanced factories for the qualification of the production for the motors.

B) Lens and reflectiong mirors.

Two types in all: Imported and local made in China.There is big difference in terms of price for these two types.

C)Laser tube.(The heart of the machine).

90% of the manufactures of the laser machines are using the local made type actully since theimported type is every expensive around 3000-5000USD/pc. The good tube’s life is 3000 working hours or less. And Local made type is around 1400working hours.

D)The metal structure and the weight of the machine.

This will decide the quality and stability of the laser machine. If we use the soft metal frame,the machine will be twisted.So we have to ask the factories about the thickness of the machine’s cover and weight.

E)The functions of the machine.

Many people like to buy a machine that is omnipotent. And they also focus on the appearance of the machine.This is the biggest mistake actually. The following is our suggestions for the machines selection for different purposes:

1) Engraving on the rubber board.

Most of the machines can meet your needs for the rubber engraving. So no need to buy a laser engraving machine that is fast since the fast speed will not meet your needs for the engraving depth.

2) Handicraft article.

Most of the machines can engrave some handicraft easily as following: Bamboo,wood board, and some other small items. We can choose 300*400mm size of the machines or some other machines with similar sizes.It is cheap and we can get back the investment soon.

3)Wine wood package box,and card.

We’d better choose a machine with 500X700 or 600x900mmlaser machines with ADJUSTABLE Table.

4)Acrylic cutting.

As others,most of the machines can be used for cutting for Acrylic.

But we still recommend that our clients should choose some special machines that are for Acrylic cutting only. If our clients insist buying a normal machine for acyrlic cutting.

We have the following comments: Do not believe the saying from some factories that 60W and 80W laser engraver machine can cut 20mm acrylic directly.

(This is impossible,even so,the edge after cutting is very dirty).

60w laser engraver machine can cut the acrylic of 8-10mm?and 80w laser engraver machine can cut the acrylic of 8-15mm thickness.

F)Cloth and leather engraving.

Need the machines that with higher speed and honeycomb table.

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