Supply Teaching – Sign Up With an Education Recruitment Agency

December 18, 2017

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Supply Teaching – Sign Up With an Education Recruitment Agency

If you are looking for supply teaching Kent then you could sign up with an education recruitment agency. If you are a school looking to fill positions then you could also do the same. A recruitment agency would then be able to bring both school and teacher together to form the perfect partnership. There would be no need to scour jobs on offer only to find you have just missed out and no need for the school to worry about finding a teacher to fill in at a moment’s notice. A good Kent based education recruitment agency would take all the hard work away and find the perfect match straight away.

The benefits for a teacher working with an agency

The needs of the supply teacher vary and a good recruitment agency would know and understand this. Some teachers could be looking to fill in for the odd day of sickness and others might be happier taking a mid-term position. Whatever position you want, a recruitment agency should be able to find the solution.

To help you to do this your recruitment agency should offer a personal consultant who would work with you on a one to one basis offering support and guidance. They should also perform a face to face interview which allows you to get to understand how the agency works and for them to get to know you so that they can offer you work most suitable to your personal needs.

Keeping up to date is essential and your agency should be able to provide you with accurate information regarding schools and open positions, provide feedback and even arrange interviews.

The benefits of an agency for the school

Schools would have the assurance that all teachers would have been pre-vetted and proof of this should be available upon request. This saves an enormous amount of time as you would be able to fill your vacancies immediately without having to wait for clearance.

The agency should advertise your posts both online and offline and be able to provide you with CVs of any potential candidates for the position. 

When looking to fill supply teaching Kent positions there should be no problem wherever you are in the Kent area. The agency should cater for all areas including Bromley, Bexley, Dartford, throughout the Medway Towns, Ashford and in to Thanet.

There would be teachers available to you to choose from whether you have vacancies in Primary, teaching key stage 1 or 2 or the foundation stage or any subject in Secondary.

Of course you should also be given a dedicated consultant who would be there for you to provide support and who would match your school with the perfect teacher.

Benefits to using an education recruitment agency

The benefits to signing up with a reliable hands-on recruitment agency are numerous for both those looking for work and those who need to fill positions; here are just some of them.

You get a dedicated consultant who will work alongside you offering support and guidance;
There will be a choice of teachers and schools throughout the whole of the Kent area;
Could provide both long or short term specialists in subjects or general cover;
Offer face to face interviews which allows the agency to get to know you and vice-versa;
Feedback, observations and interviews should all be offered at no extra cost for those looking for and offering supply teaching work in Kent.

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