Street Fighting Martial Arts Techniques Designed In Prison!

November 3, 2017


Street Fighting Martial Arts Techniques Designed In Prison!

Are you interested in learning about some fighting martial arts techniques which can help you come out on top in a real street fight? If you are, read on for some vital elements to think about, and skills gathered from different kinds of fighting martial arts techniques.

To begin, ‘trapping’ can be a highly useful fighting martial arts technique. When you trap your opponent, it means just what it sounds like. You hold their legs or arms in a way which doesn’t let them punch of kick you. One way to accomplish this is to lock down your opponent’s arms by using your own arm. With your free arm, hit them as many times as possible with your fist or your elbow.

There are other fighting martial arts techniques which you shouldn’t use in a street fight, like the high kick. These might look neat on TV and score you extra points in a formal routine. However, if you find yourself in an actual battle, a high kick can result in grave injury. A high kick takes a lot of your energy due to the exertion they require, and they also throw off your balance and give your opponent an opportunity to knock you down. These are basic physical facts. Save the energy that you have and keep your balance. When you kick, aim for lower targets which will cause the most damage – the shins, the knees, and the groin.

By attacking the areas of the body which are sensitive or weak, you’ll begin to understand fighting martial arts techniques. These attacks cause more pain for your attacker, and will usually make them reconsider their attack on you. There’s no such thing as a fair, clean fight when it comes to a street fight. Your ability to defend yourself in any way possible can mean the difference between life and death. If you have a chance to attack your opponent’s eyes, bite their extremities, squeeze their windpipe or land a kick to their groin, do it. These actions can get your attacker to stop attempting to harm you. You might only get a single opportunity to stay alive, so do things that will matter. You don’t need to feel any sympathy for someone who attacks you. You can save your sympathy for later. Don’t waste time or energy on it as you fight to survive.

One classic philosophy is to keep your fighting martial arts techniques simple. If you can land a solid, incapacitating kick to someone’s groin, why would you waste your time attempting a crazy windmill kick? Make sure that your opponent stays close to you and hit them hard. You may be compelled to keep far away from your attacker and keep the fighting distance wide. If you don’t give yourself a chance to hit your attacker hard, they’re going to continue to attack you. Instead of increasing the distance, focus on effective striking and blocking combinations.

Use everything that you know about fighting if it means you’ll emerge victorious. Use fighting martial arts techniques which you’ve practiced, or ones which you’ve used before to win a fight. It’s suggested that anyone who is learning fighting martial arts techniques learn multiple types of martial arts. If you want to walk away alive, you need to understand a wide variety of fighting martial arts techniques.

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