Starcraft 2 Zerg Micro Techniques

March 9, 2018

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Micro Techniques

Zerg micro tactics is defined as the actual manipulation of specific units during an attack.  Since the Zerg generally overwhelm their enemy with numbers and don’t have too many truly powerful troops, Zerg macro is more important to perfect than Zerg micro, especially for someone just starting out.  However, there are some really effective Zerg micro techniques – but they should only be implemented when you are comfortable with your macro abilities.  If you are looking to get better at your macro skills, the best free resource I’m aware of is Zerg Macro Techniques.

Zerg Micro Tactic – Introduction
Since the Zerg produce such specialized units, scouting your opponent is vital when deciding on your strategy.  TheZerg scouting guidebook has the most effective tactics for scouting your enemy as well as protecting yourself against enemy scouting activities.  Make sure to go after enemy soldiers in smaller groups and overwhelm them with large quantities of troops.  Be certain to use the right units to attack the enemy, because Zerg troops are so specialized.

Zerg Micro Technique – Burrow Your Roaches
This is a more advanced Zerg micro strategy that assumes you’ve the Burrow upgrade and additionally assumes the opponent has just a couple of Detectors.  At a cost of 100 Vespine gas and 100 Minerals, Burrowing is one of the finest technologies to get.  Early game Burrowed Roaches are very challenging for your enemy to detect, and will provide you with a big advantage in combat.

Use your Roaches to quickly destroy enemy troops one by one.  When your opponent counters, burrow your Roaches then uncover them to attack another enemy troop.  Roaches will also recover 10 hit points per second when burrowed, so when you pop up to attack they will be at full health.  This technique will do major damage with virtually no loss of resources if done well.

There are a lot of Starcraft 2 guides on the web for sale.  If you are considering getting one, make sure to check out my totally honest reviews of the Shokz Guide as well as several other popular Starcraft 2 guides before buying one.

Zerg Micro Technique – Decoy with Mutalisks
Keep the Mutalisks you produce moving around constantly to confuse your opponent.  If he does not know how many there are, he will be cautious before attacking you, which will buy you some time.  It also should enable you to appear much more powerful if you do not have many Mutalisks, which once again buys you time.  Utilizing this tactic quickly in the battle will allow you to get to the late game with a strong economy.  If you can reach the twelve minute mark with strong mineral generation and a minimum of 3 Hatcheries, it should be no problem overwhelming your enemy.

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