Speakman Shower Heads – Decorate with Style and Luxury

August 12, 2017

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Speakman Shower Heads – Decorate with Style and Luxury

Just imagine bathing in a five-star hotel bathroom with all the luxurious fixtures and sleek shower heads. Sounds wonderful right? Well, you can bring that luxury into your own home with the use of the Speakman shower heads. For years, the company boasts of their high class shower heads which they have perfected through over 90 years of experience. They were successful in creating products that are innovative in order to provide you with a whole new shower experience.

Brief History

The Speakman Company started their business way back in 1869. Like all business, their start isn’t all that successful as they could not continue to manufacture products because they had a hard time securing the right materials that they need. It was too expensive to import the materials and so, they decided to go into wholesale plumbing business instead. It was only in 1889 did their business started to expand as they engaged in making safety equipment and shower supplies apart from the plumbing services.

In 2001, the company finally launched their three sectors, the Plumbing Solutions, Safety Equipment, and of course the Shower Products. Since then, the company became the leading name in everything that involves plumbing. Their Speakman shower heads became so famous that almost all of the hotels, establishments, and even households started patronizing the product because of its trusted quality, durable performance, and world class innovation.

Shower Head Types

Because of the success of their business, the Speakman Company continued to develop different shower heads for the use of their patrons. From their very popular emergency shower, which they created for the industrial plants, they now have a long line of shower head types that are available for any kinds of home and establishments. Here are a few of their products:

Downpour rain shower head

For a more modern feel to the bathroom, Speakman shower heads offer the innovative down pour rain shower head. This type of shower is equipped with 96 nozzles that create a rain-like affect in order to have a whole body cleansing experience. It has a flow control system, a patented technology which allows the user to take control of the water pressure and adjust it according to his/her preference. The shower is typically mounted to the ceiling to allow full rain water feel while showering.

Speakman dual shower heads

The Speakman dual shower heads, on the other hand, provide the bathroom with a more classic look. This type of Speakman shower heads are wall mounted with two heads that utilizes the same flow control technology for a more convenient shower experience. The two heads work well in order to create more water pressure and to easily target the whole body.

Jet shower heads

A new innovation in the long list of Speakman shower heads is the Jet shower. It allows a jet stream of water that targets the different pressure points in the body. This is like a hydro massage therapy as the calculated water flow from the nozzles creates a pressure that massages the body for a more soothing and relaxing feeling when bathing. Click the links below to find the best deals for Speakman shower heads and experience what you’ve been missing.

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