Questions To Ask A Biomass Energy Company

May 19, 2017


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Questions To Ask A Biomass Energy Company

Are you looking to start generating biomass electricity? Doing so has many advantages, but its not something you just want to jump into. Your best bet is to find a biomass energy company and ask the following questions:

1. How long have you been working in the biomass industry?

Youre looking at spending a lot of money to venture into new territory and hopefully make sizeable profits. With so much on the line, its crucial that you choose a biomass energy company that has plenty of experience. Go with a company that has multiple decades in the industry. Theyve been down this road many times before, and will gladly guide you along the wayensuring that youre not entering the world of biomass power alone.

2. What aspects of the process do you handle?

There are many different phases involved with implementing a biomass electricity system. From feasibility assessments to design to implementation to overseeing installationits a huge undertaking. So make sure you understand which phases the biomass energy company is planning on handling for you. And do yourself a favor: choose a company that will handle it all. That way you dont have to worry about switching from one company to another in mid-project.

3. Do you deal with co-firing systems as well?

If you already have a plant that burns coal, you might not want to build an entirely new facility. Ask the biomass energy company about co-firing systems. If the company works in co-firing, you may find that you can benefit from burning biomass fuels simultaneously with the coal youre already using. Itll cost you less than an entire new system, while still allowing you to produce cleaner energy.

4. How much of your business is repeat business?

No matter what kind of service youre looking for, you should always investigate a companys customer service reputation. How can you do that? One way is ask about their customer retention rate. If most of their business is repeat business, then you know that they make clients happy. You also might want to ask to see customer testimonials. Theres nothing like hearing it from the source.

5. Can you review my current plan?

Do you already have a plan for obtaining raw materials to convert to biomass electricity? Before putting that plan into place, you should have a professional review it. A reputable biomass energy company will carefully analyze your plan to make sure its feasible. You never want to install a biomass energy system without fully understanding your fuel source. Doing so could result in losses of millions of dollars.

6. Can you help me identify a good local source for biomass fuels?

Want to generate biomass power, but not sure where to get your raw materials? Ask the biomass engineering company for help identifying a good source for biomass fuels. Some companies will perform an in-depth study to find the right source for you. And thats the company you want to go with.

Once you find a biomass energy company that gives you satisfactory answers to the above questions, youll be on the road to benefitting from one of the best renewable energy sources available. Find a reliable biomass energy company today!

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