Personal Style in Your Home

April 19, 2017



Personal Style in Your Home

We all know there are easy ways out when decorating your home. You can always just buy a pre arranged set. These simple and ready made designs are already laid out in the store, all you have to do is walk around, pick one out, and buy the package, and pretty much the entire decorating process is done for you.

Even easier, you can just hire an interior decorator to tell you exactly what is chic and trendy right now. Not only will they design everything, but they will actually place it in the home, making sure that you don’t have to lift a finger.

The big problem with these options is that they do not allow you very much creative input. The rooms, the home that is created, that you will be living in, will be the product of somebody else’s creative spirit, and will barely reflect anything about who you are as a person. In this way, you will be living in someone else’s environment.

Ironically, one of the best ways to develop your own personal sense of style, and to translate it to your home environment, is to look at the design work being done by others. This is not to say that you should copy what other people are working on. Instead, you should simply do some research, and try to become inspired by the creativity of others. Then you should draw the disparate elements that you like from each artist, and use them as your own.

Luckily decorating a home isn’t something that has to happen at one time, or over night. Instead it is a process, where you slowly develop ambiance in a space, and then live within the space, that life affecting the ambiance, and leading to further decorating endeavors.

The most important thing is to be conscious of the reaction you and others have to the space, as it evolves. Pay attention, and ask questions; never be afraid of a negative response or criticism. It is impossible to look outside of your own eyes, and everyone has their own opinions when it comes to taste.

You can also keep pictures of past decorating attempts, in order to create a catalog of your efforts. Maintaining a file of pictures that you particularly like from decorating magazines will also help with that.

Developing a personal decorating style is another way to engage the artistic part of your brain. However unlike painting or sculpting, the decorative arts are alive, with people actually living within your creation. This makes the process even more exciting, as your own artistic spirit will be interacting with people on a daily basis, influencing and being influenced by your personality, and daily life.

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