Packing Books For a House Move

May 12, 2017

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Packing Books For a House Move

A move to a new house is a wonderful experience but it also necessitates plenty of organizing and packing techniques in order to make your move go smoothly. This article describes the way to pack up books to ensure they arrive unharmed when you move.

Start out by going through your books. It’s highly likely that books are some of the densest items that you own. When moving long distances you don’t want to be charged for the weight of books you really don’t want or need. The first step is to edit your book collection, getting rid of books that you don’t need or want. Call thrift stores to pick them up, recycle, or give worn books away to friends to keep from packing them.

Locate the proper containers for moving. Books can be ruined when they come into contact with both water and moisture. It is crucial that the books are packed in moving boxes that are both dry and sturdy to keep them free of moisture and mold. Select containers for storing your books that are sufficiently durable to hold their weight. Before placing books into the boxes, tape up the seams on the bottom with high-quality packaging tape.

You should ensure that your hardcover books are packed properly, to avoid damage. To pack hardcover books, place them standing up in the moving boxes, making sure that the space faces outwards, towards the side of the box. Do not stuff books into the boxes, but do try to utilize space properly. Packing books too loosely can cause them to get damaged by rubbing each other, but books that are packed tightly can be damaged during unpacking, so make sure to leave the right amount of room.

Cover up your precious editions separately. For valuable books, be careful to pack them in multiple wraps of newspaper so they move without being beaten or torn. You only need to cover hardback volumes with paper sacks to safeguard them while moving. To protect your paperbacks, you should place them in strong individual boxes, or bubble wrap them and protect them in a plastic bag.

Hard cardboard should be used when needed. To stop you books from touching and rubbing each other when they are being transported, try to find cardboard dividers. Just position these in between your most precious volumes to form a separating structure.

You can either stack your paperbacks, or you can lay them flat. Paperback books are valuable, but not as valuable as hardcovers, which necessitate detailed packaging methods. You just have to make sure all the book backs are facing in the identical direction. You can stack paperback books either upright or flat. Make sure not to pack at a strange angle.

In order to stop things from shifting back and forth, you should fill all the available space in your book boxes. It is unavoidable to have some vacant space remaining in your book containers. Make sure the empty space is filled in so that the books in the boxes won’t be jostled when they are moved. Use any old rags, or T-shirts to fill up the boxes, this will create a cushion to hold the books where they should be.

Label, and fasten the box closed. If your boxes are packed well, then just apply tape to the box, write a label on it, and it’s ready to go to your new home.

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