Only A King Who Left Small Cabinet Companies To Survive 2010 – Cabinets – Home Products Industry

March 11, 2018

EU Small Companies

EU Small Companies

Only A King Who Left Small Cabinet Companies To Survive 2010 – Cabinets – Home Products Industry

To the expansion of the channel, the model for general three, the first is into the store Sell ; Second is franchising expansion mode; a third party to enter the market to open direct sales stores around.

A rapid expansion of channels On to channel the expansion of the model for general three, the first is into the store sales; the second is the expansion of franchising model; a third party to enter local markets to open direct sales stores. For small and medium Cupboard Enterprises, the third model of the cost is too large and difficult to use. Therefore suggested by the first and the second model.

Store is most popular brand of traditional cabinet business Marketing One model. But subject to the cabinet product requires customization, time-consuming, capital-chain and long, cabinet manufacturers struggling with cash flow on. In addition, coupled with a strong position on the store, as well as stores gradually involved in the cabinet industry, on the other cabinet brand store had exclusive, so the relationship between store and supplier subtle, contradiction to explode, like last year, “Fortune 100” incident and now are taking proceedings B & Q (See map) PK “war 100 Union” event. But it is undeniable that many of the current cabinet company store is still the preferred marketing channels. Store sales volume of the cabinet of the great drive, so many brands on the store cupboard, “unable to stop.”

Second model is the most cabinet companies are doing the channel expansion mode, this is worth trying to small and medium enterprises cabinet as a model. But need to be reminded that in reseller channel to expand the easiest mistakes have two, one Tantaiqiuquan, the other is “for investment and investment.” For businesses, the order to occupy the market, and the blind pursuit of product coverage, neglected the brand’s strategic layout, whether big cities or small cities, eyebrows and a beard grabbed the final result may be based on failed. The second risk is that “for investment and investment.” In order to allow products to enter the local market, as long as the dealer Proxy Will be agreed to cooperate, neglect or ignore the dealer’s qualifications and philosophy of the audit.

Therefore need to be reminded that, in the reseller channel to expand, the enterprises must be screened on the dealer. Find a business concept and service capabilities that can, and the future of the brand in line with brand management to focus on your dealer. Cooperation in business, only like-minded can only win-win. Therefore, development must be Ningquewulan dealer network.

Also worth noting that the expansion of Internet sales channels. As the power of the Internet increases, internet marketing because of its unique strengths and characteristics of the cabinet industry has become the new darling marketing. In particular, the inherent characteristics of products for the cabinet, the network marketing in building brand awareness and reputation, etc. has a unique advantage.

Second line of the Brand Present, China’s cabinet market has entered into age consumer brand awareness. When the big brand system has covered all regions and the entire communication system is making great efforts to promote the rise, it means that the consumer market has entered a “brand awareness and brand consumption period”, the brand has become the market of choice, and the next there is the “domino domino “type of tragic situations?? many small and medium enterprise market into the cupboard caught survival, that we call the” shuffling period. ” But now, my cabinet industry or medium and small enterprises, most enterprises with annual sales of 10 million or so.

How to build brand stores all advantages, how to effectively market the brand expansion, so as not to be out of industries and markets, many small and medium enterprises have shown urgent cabinet mentality. Factory shop in front of “mom and pop shop” in the initial stage of China’s cabinet industry has its survival value and reason, therefore, China has tens of millions of similar companies, hold up the development process of China’s cabinet facade of prosperity . Today, transparency, Industry trend, the former shop workshop form, has no need for market development, “change management methods and forms” is a wise choice.

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