Oil Rig Recruitment – You Could Be on Your Way to a Lucrative Career in the Oil Industry

September 12, 2017


Oil Rig Recruitment – You Could Be on Your Way to a Lucrative Career in the Oil Industry

So how do you go about getting recruited for work on an oil platform? It seems quite difficult at first as the companies doing the drilling are international, so you can’t just pop in and hand them your resume, right? Honestly? It’s even easier because most of the oil rig recruitment companies do there recruiting online. So you sit back at home and take the plunge.

First things first, get all your qualifications together, copies of certificates etc. that may be asked for. Make sure your resume is up to date and start submitting to as many oil rig recruitment companies as possible. The reason we recommend this is because not every oil drilling company employs every oil rig recruiter. You don’t want to miss out on a job because you only applied to one agency.

A number of oil rig recruitment companies have a form on their website where you’re expected to fill in all your details. Don’t ignore it and just email your resume off, as they’ll very likely just delete it.The oil rig recruitment companies also have a process they have to go through.That is the way that they receive their resumes. They can be quite sticky about it. So if you see a form on the website and it says to fill it in…just do it. Obviously if they have no form, then send your resume any way you wish and don’t forget a motivational letter. Why should the oil rig recruitment agency push your resume forward and not some other guy? That’s what the motivational letter is all about!

Sell yourself. This is your big chance.To become a part of the oil and gas industry will change your life. It can set you up financially for life, and once you’ve got oil in your blood, you’ll never want to work in another industry again.

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