Most Reliable Dog Training Company In Canada

Most Reliable Dog Training Company In Canada

The owner is a gentleman by the name of Peter Brown. He founded Alpha Paws in 2001. However, he’s been working with dogs for many years with an emphasis on “dog obedience”. His approach to dog training is the same concept as training a well-behaved child. He believes that a dog should be obedient, well socialized, and should exude healthy behavior patterns. To this end, he uses a multi-tiered approach in training the dogs.

He has a basic obedience course. He can come to your home, or the dog owner can arrange for a boarding school like training program. In any case, the dog will learn the basics of dog obedience. In this way, the dog can become a very well behaved and socialized part of the family. Some people will find that for whatever reasons, whether the dog is organically aggressive or if the dog has been abused, they will struggle with an aggressive pet. Peter can handle this issue also very effectively. He uses his boarding school format to address the issue of dog aggression. The great thing for pet owners is that when they pay for the pet aggression package, the basic obedience training is included in the cost.

Peter also addresses, particularly in his boarding school format, issues such as housebreaking, and off-leash. These are two extremely important issues that will even determine if a dog owner wants to keep their pet. It’s to the best interest of the pet if they can stay in a loving and safe home. Pet owners need not fret about the issue of their dog not being housebroken or being able to stay with them off leash.

Peter also offers something that is very unique. He offers Puppy-preschool. Many pet owners feel that their dog isn’t ready for training until they mature a bit. By then, they have work at correcting habits that were developed as a puppy. When the dog is trained in puppy pre-school, they can get used to having structure and they can get used to the natural order of who is the alpha in the pet/owner relationship.

Peter also offers instructional DVDs for the concerned pet parent. He also offers nutritional counseling that breaks down the healthiest diets for your dog. Again, his program is very inclusive and unique. He strives to make sure that the dog has a great foundation so that they can enjoy a long and happy life with their human family. If you can think of any challenge that you might be having with your dog, Peter probably has a training program that can fix the issue. He offers free assessments via his website on He has a click on button that allows you to chat with him. He has a toll free number as well. Give your family and your dog the gift of obedience, peace, and sanity.

Emphasis is placed on appropriate manners and respect. Alpha Paws also offers introductory classes for puppy pre-school to help you in those first few trying months with your new arrival. Also included are discussions of proper nutrition including kibble vs. raw food B.A.R.F. diet are available.

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