Making the Correlation Between Emergency Preparedness and Blood Supply

December 19, 2017

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Making the Correlation Between Emergency Preparedness and Blood Supply

Did you know blood & Platelet donations are a huge part of emergency preparedness? Most people do not make the correlation between emergency preparedness and blood supply. During any disaster natural or man made, many people often suffer life threatening injuries that require the need for blood transfusions. Keeping an adequate supply of blood & platelets on hand is already a challenge on a daily basis. There are daily occurrences that constantly draw on supplies such as premature births, illness, traumatic accidents and research – just to name a few.

Having an adequate supply of blood immediately after a major disaster is not likely. Many people will come together AFTER a disaster to donate. It takes days to process blood & platelets before it can be utilized, many victims of disaster often don’t have days to wait and their lives can be lost without an adequate supply of blood.

Many people have prepared their family and themselves for a disaster by creating a family plan, keeping a Go Bag or home emergency kit on hand. Often when people prepare for a disaster, a vacation or even just a trip to the grocery store they check their supplies to assure themselves they will have everything they need on hand, but very few people realize that blood & platelets are also a needed supply that should be well stocked.

After a major disaster the Government may be able to provide some supplies after a disaster, usually they can buy trailers, ice, food, blankets to provide for an affected community, but they can not buy blood and platelets or replace a needed supply. Only the community itself can provide a well stocked supply by donating blood & platelets on a regular basis, by holding blood drives within our communities and getting the word out about making the correlation between blood supply and emergency preparedness. This is why I have been working diligently to get disaster preparedness organizations to implement this information into their literature and public announcements.

Often people assume that hospitals will have the blood type they need on hand. How can we be sure that there will be an adequate blood supply available BEFORE the next major disaster? There are a few answers to this question: Donate regularly and teacher your children early on about the importance of blood donations.

I remember going with my mother as a young teenager and watching her donate. I was able to ask her many questions and what she could not answer the person drawing her blood could. This was a wonderful experience for me as I grew into an adult I had no fears about donating blood. I was excited to donate my first time and went on to hold blood drives within my community. Contact your local American Red Cross ( and donate today.

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