Live Music Industry In Today Economy

May 19, 2017

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Live Music Industry In Today Economy

We all are aware of the many ways that the technology burst that we are having has affected the music industry. Almost everything that has anything to do with music in music industry is done on the computer these days. You can actually write record and produce your CD, design the cover and market it all from your bedroom and make a lot of money without ever leaving the house. But what about the effect all of this is having on live music and more importantly, is it really having an effect on live music?
The answer is yes. I have seen both sides of the industry from recording and producing to live performance and the advances in the digital domain has made a huge impact on the live performance end so lets have a short look at a long list of the pros and the cons. One huge pro is that it is now possible to give your audience a sonically superior performance with musically stellar instruments in music industry. The con of that is even though you can get the sound of a baby grand in a small box. You really cant get the full immersion of your soul engulfed with the experience of hearing the real thing.
Lighting is another pro that has come a long way. It used to require a soundman and a bunch of rigging and wires and a control board the size of a table to run a decent sized club light system full of hot par 64 lights. Today you can do all that with a laptop and some wireless DMX boxes all running a bunch of LED lights that emit almost no heat at all. The big con to most performers is that – believe it or not – a lot of the pros like to sweat for the crowd. And without the heat a lot of them dont move enough to make that happen.
Technology brought us amp modelling. This is another huge pro. It used to be if you wanted to sound like a Marshall stack with a Neumann U-87 as a microphone you had to use a Marshall stack and a Neumann U-87. The translation there is you need about $ 5,000 worth of gear. Today that same sound can be ALMOST gotten with a modelling amp that takes a computer and re-creates the same wave algorithm to give you the sound of that combination. It lacks some aspects for the purists but hey its only rock and roll. But I like it!

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