Leeds Is The Best Place in the North

April 17, 2017

North Africa Business

North Africa Business

Leeds Is The Best Place in the North

Leeds is known as center of culture, finance and commerce of the West Yorkshire atmosphere and a key location for businesses hoping to make a name for themselves in the North of England. In its character and attributes, Leeds is unapologetic. Leeds is the fastest growing city in the whole of the UK with  its music festival and its desirable universities and nearly 800,000 residents.


The city mixes rural landscapes with cultural landmarks to create a unique-city feeling in the same place. Its roots can be traced back to fifth century the city was famous for being a major centre for the production and trading of wool in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Since then Leeds has established itself as one of the biggest cities in the north in terms of economical growth and progress. The city developed into a market place in the Middle Ages and handled one sixth of the country’s export trade in 1770. Nowadays the city is keen to be known as “the capital of the North” thanks to the council’s dream of building a “24 hour European city”.


A thriving economy means big businesses are now keen to get their hands on Leeds office space. Diverse and versatile; business properties in Leeds are rented out for big bucks and are always in demand. But what is it that makes them so popular?


1. Flexible floor space; Unlike office space in other northern cities, Leeds office space is extremely flexible and as such is popular with businesses from all industries. Its diversity means the city’s office properties have managed to attract major tenants including the Bank of England and Berwin & Berwin Ltd.


2. Great transport links; The thriving city of Leeds has a fantastic public transport infrastructure in place which serves hundreds of thousands of commuters every day. Key transport hubs in Leeds include Leeds Railway Station, Leeds Bradford Airport and an extensive range of bus services provided by West Yorkshire Metro.


3. Fantastic nightlife; Because Leeds has a very large student population, there is always something to do at night. From bars and clubs to museums and carnivals; the city is never quiet, which makes it perfect for entertaining clients and staff alike.


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