Lead Contaminated Water – How Lead Gets in Your Water Supply

September 5, 2017

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Lead Contaminated Water – How Lead Gets in Your Water Supply

Drinking plenty of water is important for your health, but it is definitely important to be careful about the water that you drink. When it comes to drinking tap water in your home, lead contaminated water needs to be something you think carefully about. Many people don’t realize that lead can be in their tap water, even if they don’t have lead pipes in their own home. The thing is, you can’t see or taste the lead in your water, and there are many dangers that come along with drinking water that contains lead in it.

No doubt you have heard all about the dangers of lead paint. Well, the danger of lead in your water is just as serious. Those who live in older homes are more likely to have lead in their water, but even newer homes can have the same problem. In some older homes, lead pipes are still in use and the lead from the pipes can end up getting into the water. However, your new home isn’t safe either.

The reason that even new homes can end up with lead contaminated water is actually due to the pipes that bring in the water to the home, not the pipes within your home. While you may have safe pipes in your homes, old pipes are often still in use under the streets in cities, bringing in lead through the water. You’d be surprised at how many places still have old pipes that have lead in them, and even the solder that keeps the pipes together can have dangerous lead in them, and as water goes through these pipes, it is contaminated by the lead, and you end up drinking it in your water, and you probably never even think about it.

Lead in the water is definitely a dangerous problem, and while it is very harmful to anyone, it has particularly bad effects on women who are pregnant. When women are pregnant, the lead in the water they drink can be passed on to their baby. Drinking water with lead while pregnant can lead to various birth defects and a high incidence of learning disabilities as the child grows up.

Wondering how you can know whether or not you are drinking lead contaminated water? Well, the only way you’ll ever know is to have the water tested. You must test the water in your own home, since it may be fine at the processing plant, but can be contaminated on the way to your home. So it’s a good idea to have a test done to see if you are having a problem with lead in your water. If you are dealing with lead in the water, you’ll definitely want to go with a quality filtration system so that you can filter out the lead and drink the water you need without endangering your health.

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