Kool Tel America: Making Communication Easier

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Kool Tel America: Making Communication Easier

No matter what kind of business you are getting into, you will need a phone. Phone calls still score over other forms of communication like email or online chat. There’s nothing more personal than picking up a phone and calling someone. At the same time, when you are kicking off a start-up, you will have to make calls by the dozens. Where you can touch base with your global clients through email, the business contacts closer home can be contacted through the phone. It would mean expenditures added to your already top-heavy budget. You will ideally wish for a communication network that allows you to make more calls and charge less money! In the modern day, such thinking would seem a case of delusional wish fulfillment if not for Kool Tel America.

There are communication networks and then there is Kool Tel America. This networking company has many features up its sleeves. To begin with, Kool Tel America allows you to make as many calls as you want across the continent of North America. That would mean you can call any computer based in the countries of America and Canada. PC to PC calls are the new-age mode of communication because business contacts are always chained their desks. When calls are made over broadband Internet, there is no distortion or static sounds. Taking calls on the PC also make it possible for you to work simultaneously with attending the phone call. Kool Tel America allows you to make as many calls as you want and speak for as many hours as you like against a blanket monthly payment. The payment is nothing compared to how much you would spend if not for the telecommunication services of Kool Tel America.

The features don’t stop there! Kool Tel America offers you three options of handling calls when you are away from your desk. This ability of Kool Tel America to go beyond the boundaries of PC to PC calls is what makes it so different and special from the others working in the same domain. The first option that you have is to get your incoming calls forwarded to your cell phone. Business executives on the move would definitely be the ones most benefitting from this facility. All your calls to the PC will be coming to your cell phone, the number of which you will have to register with the website of Kool Tel America.

The second option is that your incoming calls will be directed to a voice mail. The caller can leave a voice mail with their name and number. You can call them back when the time is convenient. The final option from Kool Tel America is that you can opt to convert the voice mails into WAV files and emailed to you. When you check your email, your messages will be delivered to you. With these forwarding options and a monthly paltry subscription fee, Kool Tel America will change the way you do business.

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