How to Travel With a Small Baby

March 13, 2017

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How to Travel With a Small Baby

Advice for new / perspective parents

Should I do it ?

If you have a newborn or very small baby, providing they are healthy. Definitely. In fact it can be easier at this age than when they are walking. There are just a few things to bear in mind to make your life loads easier and the trip totally successful. My wife has subsequently told me that it wasn’t till we went away with our daughter (our first child) at 12 weeks old that she really became confident with her. Before this she was always afraid of her (not in Damian way, but in a nervous way). So if you are feeling nervous there is no need it can help you.

Things to take.

· No.1 baby sling/carrier. Absolute godsend until they become too heavy. Certainly good for the first 8 months perhaps longer. Most babies love these and they can be carried facing the front or facing you. This is an ideal place for them to fall asleep. Both our children loved this for falling asleep in when they were very tiny – and you can still keep doing whatever you want (pretty much). They are also sheltered from the sun, but watch they don’t get too hot, or burn their limbs, or top of their head.

· A Hat. Or two.

· Large travel change bag – with at least two changes of clothes. Its not like lightning – it can strike twice! It probably will.

· Favourite baby feeds – bring with you. They may or may not take to other brands/foreign baby food. There are what we would consider some strange ones out there. What’s good for you, trying the local food, is not good for her.

· Sunscreen for babies with high SPF (at least 30 possibly 50) babies skin is very delicate.

· Usual milk powder if bottle feeding. Be very careful with the water. I suggest taking either sachets of milk powder or a container with multiple compartments and an opening you can twist so that only one portion at a time comes out. Don’t mix the milk powder in advance, add it to the sterilised bottle and water as you need it. It goes off quite fast. If the weather is warm don’t worry about warming the bottle, let come to room/outside temperature it will be hot enough.

What NOT to take

Our trip involved taking the car and ferry rather than flying. This meant we were able to pack the kitchen sink. But actually you don’t need to. Here a few things we shouldn’t have taken and why.

· The pram. Takes up masses of space. Bulky and unwieldy most of time. It wasn’t used that much and wasn’t successful when it was. First example. Took her to restaurant in pram. Expected her to go to sleep, she didn’t and was crying. I took her for a walk while my wife waited. I walked for miles and she just laid there looking back at me with those big baby blue eyes. My wife thought I’d done a runner. If she’d been in the sling she would have gone to sleep for sure. Pram wasn’t up to more adventurous walking and just got covered in tar from resurfaced path. Spent hours cleaning it! Dang it! So don’t worry if you are flying. Take a lightweight stroller if you feel you must, but forget the pram.

· Don’t take too many toys. Keep it simple a few will be more than enough. There will be plenty going on and small babies don’t need them. They are happy eating sand!

We have a comprehensive packing list for babies/children on the main site.

There is a strong likelihood you will have to do some washing while you are away. Just think about this and take a small amount of powder/travel wash. Unless you are going to use a launderette when they will probably sell one machine loads worth.

Relax and Enjoy It

Generally speaking any where abroad is much more tolerant of children, in restaurants, but just about anywhere. Especially the Med countries – they love small children, so expect extra attention. Its also a myth that their children are any better behaved speaking from personal experience!

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