Guide For Rail Travel in Europe by Eurostar

September 8, 2017

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Guide For Rail Travel in Europe by Eurostar

There are many ways to travel in Europe, but Eurostar is the most preferred travel mode by travellers in Europe. Eurostar has changed the way of travelling in Europe as London to Paris, London to Brussels and London to Amsterdam. Eurostar is the Chunnel Train connecting London with France and Germany under the sea. Eurostar is the only high speed train in Europe which reach London to Paris in just 2 hours 15 minutes.

There are few the most popular Eurostar destinations:


Paris: Paris is called the heaven of the world and most visited by tourists from London, Germany and other parts of Europe. Eurostar operates tunnel under the sea and operates approx 19 trains from London-Paris train route. You can book eurostar tickets for 69 GBP as return ticket from London to Paris.
Brussels: Another most popular eurostar destination is Brussels. It is located in Belgium and eurostar operates more than 10 trains daily from London to Brussels route. All train fares are economical and you can book return tickets online for GBP 69.

Avignon: Eurostar connects people to Brussels and you need to change with TGV for Avignon. This beautiful city is situated in south eastern part of France and Eurostar has a tie up with TGV for further connections. You can plan a trip to Avignon any time but September to December is the most popular months to visit this city.


Disneyland: If we talk about the most entertainment place in the world, Disneyland is one of the most famous and visited amusement parks based in Paris. Eurostar connects directly to Disneyland Paris from London.


Lille: If we talk about most popular destinations operated by Eurostar, Lille comes first to our mind. Lille is also main junction point from UK to Europe. It is located in Northern area of France and it is one of the major metropolitan cities in France. Eurostar runs daily trains from London to Lille and all booking are available for online booking by paying through credit or debit card.


These are not all popular destinations operated by Eurostar, but there are many other stations as Netherland, Germany, and Switzerland. Eurostar connects to different parts of Europe and it has code share with train organisations as Thalys, TGV and SKI.

We are dedicated to provide you all informations about Eurostar destinations. In my coming articles, I will provide you details of more eurostar destinations.


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