Globalisation and EU Enlargement

September 11, 2017

EU Economy

EU Economy

Globalisation and EU Enlargement

Is the United Kingdom (UK) government following in the steps of the United States of America (US) ! if you donate enough money to the party they return the deed with a title or a contract. Since the UK government is currently being investigated for doing just that. Also Right-wing-socialists in the UK and France are happy to let themselves be elected, but then operate with a control freak attitude, hence the referendum on the European Union (EU) Constitution would get a No vote in the UK, just like in France and the Netherlands. That’s why the other EU members did not hold a referendum on the EU Constitution, granted those from Eastern Europe who can only see benefits going their way, would maybe vote for it. But since a lot of them have just got the vote and the EU Constitution is aimed at taking it away from them for EU related matters, they might rebel and also vote No. Now Western Europe has been invaded by Eastern Europeans, the majority of Western Europeans would today and in the future vote against the EU Constitution.

If the EU is going to succeed we need an open elected EU Parliament and the EU Commission budgets should be fully accountable and not with big holes in them. The EU Commissioners should be elected by the voters in each country and their actions subject to audit reports that are not qualified. Enlarging the EU appears to be replacing Communism with Socialism regardless of the effects on its people and together with Globalisation is scaring the life out of the middle classes in the developed world (see articles listed below). What is equally bad is that the Neo-cons in the US support the EU enlargement, are they also being right-wing-socialists or are they driven by big business sponsorship.

1) Profits of doom by Richard Tomkins, FT Magazine, pages 22-25, October 14/15 2006

2) Stuck in the middle by Edward Luce, FT Magazine, Page 18, December 16/17 2006

3)

4) See families in pages 19 to 22, FT Magazine, Page 18, December 16/17 2006

The big question this articles brings out, is do we or more like should we have a Globalisation Constitution as the framework for the World Trade Organisation and all the bodies above should support it openly. Instead of the French going round the back-door to trade with China.

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