EU argue over Roma, Migration of Roma debated by EU,Roma migration causes friction among EU

September 16, 2017

EU Economy

EU argue over Roma, Migration of Roma debated by EU,Roma migration causes friction among EU

In recent days the subject of the Roma people (also known as Gypsies) has become headline news. In fact it has become such major news that it has totally overshadowed the EU summit opening in Brussels.

This controversy was created from a couple of things in particular. When Viviane Reading, the EU justice minister compared the way in which the French government is treating the Roma people to that of the Jewish people in World War II, it raised eyebrows to put it mildly.

This remark was made after a document ended up being leaked from the French interior ministry, which indicated that despite the government denying it, the Roma people were being targeted as a group on ethnic grounds.

What makes this even more controversial is that criticism from other European countries is usually hypocritical. With the European Union spreading east, the migration of Roma people was inevitable. As they migrated towards the west, the social stigma attached to the Roma people increased.

There are a variety of reasons to explain exactly how this happened. The Roma people are historically nomadic and have consequently never seriously integrated themselves in other countries. However in numerous eastern bloc countries the Roma people were entitled to an education and were supplied with books and other materials. Today however the desertion rate of Roma school children is extremely high in western European countries.

It is for reasons like this and the associated law-breaking that other European countries have deported Roma people. The Danish government has been seeking ways to remove them, the Swedish have secretly been removing them, Germany has repatriated them to Kosovo, the Belgians have destroyed their camps and the Italians have declared a state of emergency.

The Roma people have unwittingly brought themselves to the heart of European politics and what the EU stands for. A solicitor in London would almost certainly suggest that its a very complex case which will last for some time.

One of the most important aspects of the European Union is the right to freedom of movement. Solicitors in west London would say that it is ironic that Europeans are struggling to deal with the freedom of movement by a European community who have mastered the ability to move freely.

This is without question a very important issue which needs to be resolved. The migration of people is a very complicated legal matter and one that needs calmness and patience on the behalf of European countries. Making hasty decisions without taking into consideration the legal and human impact is completely foolish and if not dealt with properly can lead to a slippery slope.

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