Digital Broadcaster Google’s New Android Os Could Hit Markets By April

March 14, 2017


Digital Broadcaster Google’s New Android Os Could Hit Markets By April

Come April, and Android mobile operating system (OS) fans could be in for a treat as Google could be in the pipeline to launch a new version and as mentioned, has chances of being unveiled just two months from now.

The current operating system which is available on the market now is version 2.3 and is dearly named Gingerbread; the launch of which took place pre-Christmas. And this much anticipated version 2.4 could have a rather early home coming as it would be able to assimilate new features from Googles tablet computers.
The 2.3 version however, instilled a set of upgrades to the user interface for the Android. This gave an update to the maps feature which meant more competent downloading capabilities. This ingenuity nonetheless, was closely chased by Googles Honeycomb OS which is more focussed as a tablet OS and optimised for the same. This new outcome from Google can be found first on the soon to launch Motorola Xoom.
Conversely, there does seem to be a sense of uncertainty from Googles perspective with regards to the use of the Honeycomb OS on smartphones and tablets. Variably, reports also suggest that the upcoming Android 2.4 is a crucial step to permit smartphones to be up to pace for the forthcoming Honeycomb. And on the lighter side, reports also create variance in context to the name the new 2.4 would be given such as Ice Cream or Ice Cream sandwich or left with the name of Gingerbread.
The upgrade would in some sense, make life easier for the developers who put in tedious hours of coding as presumably, the upgrade would make their apps run on the tablets and smartphones.
And there have been subtle indications from the digital broadcaster that their exiting chief executive Eric Schmidt and head of mobile, Andy Rubin would be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. These indications are not officially constituted though.

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