Consumer Electronics Companies Involved In M & A Expansion Is The Preferred Health Care –

March 17, 2017


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Consumer Electronics Companies Involved In M & A Expansion Is The Preferred Health Care –

Foreign to the Chinese path of development guidelines for a consumer electronics company direction, the health care market may be another piece of Chinese enterprises Blue Ocean.

In the Chinese market, Philips, Canon,

Sony , Toshiba, Hitachi and other leading global consumer electronics companies have been involved in the medical equipment market, and accelerate the pace of the advance. At present, the Chinese medical system reform has not yet fully in place, the relatively poor rural medical condition, need to buy a lot of medical equipment. In addition, family and personal medical equipment demand increased rapidly, and this has provided a rare medical equipment manufacturers business opportunities.

According to market research firm Espicom is expected that by 2011, the Chinese medical electronics market size expected to reach nearly 50 billion yuan. Consumer electronics companies into the medical device market can rely on their own electronic product development on the edge, but the health care market competition delayed its irregular pace of development.

Consumer electronics into the transition Past two years, China Home Appliances Consumer electronics industry into the more difficult times,

TV , Air conditioning , Mobile , Digital Camera market in the coming winter, enterprises are facing a new crisis. “RMB appreciation, monetary tightening, a substantial increase in raw material and labor costs, so that a comprehensive cost appliance exports increased rapidly, the performance drop is more obvious benefits, small and medium enterprises performed even worse than the big.” Association of Chinese home appliances in Shunde, Deputy Secretary-General Xu Dongsheng Expo home appliances home appliances export and international marketing forums such appliances to describe the situation this year.

TV side, due to snowstorms, earthquakes and other disasters and impact of RMB appreciation, the growth rate of the first half fell a larger TV market, down from last year’s 150% to 39% this year. Moreover, the past two years, Japanese and Korean companies have been relying on low-cost strategy to seize the market share of domestic brands.

Contrast, this year’s air conditioner market more difficult. “From August 1, 2007 on July 31 -2 008 (that is frozen in 2008), China’s air conditioner market, lower total sales volume of approximately 1%.” PRC, market research of Beijing, Vice Chairman Lee Ki-cheung, the “China Electronics News “interview, said,” May, June, July are air-conditioned double-digit rate of sales decline, 2008 frozen air conditioning industry in China is not satisfactory. “

This year, a mobile phone, digital camera industry has also suffered knee. 2008 January-May, the mobile phone market growth rate of 16% to record low of 4 years.

The face of a more severe situation, the best way to transition into business.

Siemens China CEO Richard Hausmann said it: “Siemens is the transformation of communications equipment provider to the industrial, energy, medical equipment manufacturers to enter, environmental protection and energy saving will be the new core competencies of Siemens.” According to report, Siemens in China’s major growth point in energy development and utilization, industrial applications and automation technology and so on. The 2007-2008 fiscal year, Siemens third-quarter results, sales grew 10%, sales growth was driven by China and Russia on the growing demand for energy equipment, and Fujitsu Siemens (computer business) has significant market share decline.

LG Electronics also recently cut into the preparation area to the new. This year in June, the reporter learned from the company LG Electronics China, the next 5 years, LG Electronics wants to be more in the field of multinational enterprises, including the integration of business units and departments, expansion of foreign mergers and acquisitions, participation in energy development, providing business electronic new areas of business solutions.

To penetrate the medical industry

Consumer electronics industry, dimmed, so that those with technical and financial strength of enterprises have begun to penetrate the medical industry. In 2007, Sony introduced a series of Chinese medical imaging equipment and system solutions; Philips after successful transformation since 2004, 2008, has become China’s leading enterprises in the field of medical equipment; this year in July, NEC devaluation medical grayscale display and high-profile color display; this year in October, Canon first in the country to show their latest digital X-ray imaging system CXDI-60G and the new registration cards to obtain SFDA CXDI-50G, CXDI-50C, CXDI-40EG, CXDI-40EC, etc. 5 products; this year on October 30, GE Medical in the world’s first independently developed in China, released its new generation of professional applied the entire digital X-ray machine??? Ling Long DR.

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