College Recruiting: The Campus Visit

January 6, 2018



College Recruiting: The Campus Visit

For anyone with hopes of playing collegiate volleyball, volleyball recruiting procedures might be weighing on your mind. This is understandable: recruiting is a great way to land volleyball scholarships, and make connections for the next four years of your life. But, how do you know which school was meant for you?

One of the most essential parts of college volleyball recruiting is the campus visit. With a campus visit, you can help make certain that you end up at the school that is the perfect fit. During the campus visit, there are many things you can do to help assure you get the most of your time. Consider, for instance, the following:

Meet the Players: During the college volleyball recruiting process, it’s always a good idea to meet the players on the team. Attend team meetings, go to practice, see a game, and hang out with players socially. Not only does this give you an idea of whether your personality will gel with theirs, but you can also get a feel how the team is as a unit. Do they get along? Do they all seem on board for the common goal? Keep in mind that the younger players, freshman and sophomores, are the ones who will be your teammates, so focus on hanging out with them.

Take a Break from the Court: Obviously, you are a volleyball player: you want to play on a collegiate level, you want a volleyball scholarship, you want to play against and with the best. But, college is more than just volleyball. When visiting a campus look at it also from the academic standpoint. Try meeting professors or going to class with a teammate. You might also ask around about how understanding professors are regarding travel schedules. You are, after all, there for a degree as well.

Stay in a Dorm: Not all college is volleyball scholarships and fun; there are also things like dorm life and dorm food. When visiting campus for a volleyball recruiting trip, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting into for the next four years, so be sure to stay in the dorms and eat all the food.  

The campus visit is an important step in the college volleyball recruiting process. Taking your time and thoroughly getting an idea of the school you are visiting is a great way to help make sure your college experience will be filled with complete satisfaction.

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