Boracay Luxury Spas

February 10, 2018

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Boracay Luxury Spas

Boracay is the right destination for tourists to relax and have fun. If what you want is an entire relaxing place, you can choose from lots of spas in Boracay. No matter how much money you have, it is not difficult to find a spa which is suitable for your budget and then your mind as well as body will be soothed. Below are some greatest sites for relaxation in Boracay.


Nami Resorts Release all anxieties and welcome the reviving treatments Nami Resorts have to offer. Exfoliate with Nami’s Aromatic Salt Glow Package or the Ultimate Relaxation Package. Remove those toxins with the Lymphatic Drainage massage and relieve chronic stress in you with a Deep Tissue Massage. Packages cost from Php 2,300 to Php 2,600 while massages cost from Php 900 to Php 2,300. Nami’s spa therapists have been trained by an expert with over 20 years’ experience.  


Kai Regency Spa Boracay Regency Beach Resort is located in Station 2 along White Beach. Kai Regency Spa is Asian-inspired, offering a holistic approach to well being. It offers different kinds of massages such as Aroma Hot Stone massage and the Four Hand Harmony. Facial treatments at the Verandah will pamper your features with Kai’s Purifying Facial and Kai’s Diamond Peel. Kai Rituals is a soothing treatment package for two. Tender Romance and Romantic Paradise are relaxing sensations every couple will love. Prices range from Php 2,520 to Php 4,050 for massages, Php 1,890 to Php 2,750 for facial treatments, and Php 4,860 to Php 12,960 for Kai Rituals.


Mandala Spa and Villas   Located in Station 3, Mandala is a luxurious Boracay spa. The spa treatments are done at the Yin Yang Place where you can view the sea or in bamboo-furnished villas if you want to have privacy. Surrender your mind to their signature Mandala massage. Rejuvenate with ancient Indian techniques. Mandala Spa has package treatments tailored for both men and women. Here you can also have a “hilot” or the traditional Filipino way of massage. Prices for scrubs, therapies, and massages range from Php 2,850 to Php 6,600. Treatment packages are from Php 5,800 to Php 9,500 plus 10% service charge on all treatments. Rules on reservations and cancellations are strict, but are meant to guarantee your enjoyment of the luxurious Mandala experience.


Tirta Spa Tirta is Hindu for “holy water.” Located on a hill overlooking White Beach, Tirta Spa believes in being an oasis of comfort where one is nurtured and cared for. By word of mouth, it is considered to be the best place to relax in Boracay. It welcomes everyone not just in need of relaxation but also of inspiration. Pamper your body with Herbal Compress, a special blend of herbs and spices wrapped in a muslin cloth lavishly applied onto you. Or generate a positive flow of energy with Foot Spa Reflexology. Tirta offers packages such as Before and After Sun or the Secrets of Egypt that will treat you like royalty. Prices range from Php 2,750 to Php 3,250 for single treatments and from Php 5,500 to Php 11,000 for packages.  


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