Books For Children – How to Choose

May 9, 2017

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Books For Children – How to Choose

When it comes time to choose a book, children will make their decisions based on the attractiveness of the book or by the quantity. The biggest, the smallest or the one with a dinosaur on the cover are all good reasons for kids to pick a book. In fact, children’s selection criteria rarely have to do with their reading skills. There’s come the big issue. If the book is too easy, the child will not be challenged and little progress will be made. On the other hand, if the book is too difficult, there are chances that the child will become discouraged and give up reading. This is why it is important for parents to help children make wise decision when choosing a book. While the child should be able to understand and appreciate the book, the book itself should slightly exceed the reading skills of the child in order for them to improve their reading skills.

Children often do not like to be told what book to read, but it is certainly not advisable to always let children pick their books on their own. Books often come with an age range, but it is important to remember that parents know their child, therefore are the best judge.

Ensuring that the book is adequate for the level of the child’s reading.

Before the child begins reading a new book, have him read a random page from the book. When he or she stumble on a difficult word to read or understand, have him or her lift a finger. If all five fingers are raised before the child has completed the page, it is a sign that the book is probably too difficult for his or her current level of reading. On the other hand, if the child raise no finger after reading the whole page, the book is probably too easy. Usually, two or three fingers indicate that the book is perfect for the level of reading of the child and offer him or her a nice balance between fun and challenge!

In order for a child to have interest in reading, it is necessary to find a book with a topic that interests him or her. Children will most likely enjoy the stories they can relate to. Also, books with chapters or short stories will appeal more to children as they will give them short breaks throughout the reading. Favor books with small chapters or short stories. If the child complains that the book is too hard, encourage him by reading some of the pages with him. You can alternate and have him read a page and you read the next one.

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