Benzene Market Brief Week Northwestern Europe

September 6, 2017

Europe Business

Europe Business

Benzene Market Brief Week Northwestern Europe

. Monday, March benzene than in February due to relative strength, drive north-west European benzene prices seven U. S.

dollars / ton. February delivery tray market, only 300 U. S.

dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF, but the offer is closed from 330 U. S. dollars / ton dropped to 320 U.

S. dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF ARA. Although the market trading was light in March not to the buyer the seller is still the intention to move closer, resulting in a price range of the expansion.

The most hours in the morning the price range USD 350-360 / t, 1000 t, CIF ARA. The afternoon of March delivery fell to 345 U. S.

dollars set / t, offer 360 U. S. dollars / ton.

Half an hour before closing, STASCO March offer of 365 U. S. dollars / ton, 1,000 tons, CIF ARA.

Because not attract buyers, closing down 350 U. S. dollars / ton, thus driving the market down on March.

February and March, the difference in the 35 U. S. dollars / ton.

Tuesday, Benzene prices fall afternoon, 25 dollars / ton, the market was difficult to understand the current market. Morning market was dismal, only heard one offer in the 345 U. S.

dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF ARA. At the market fell, the market price range at 305-315 U. S.

dollars / ton, 1,000 tons, CIF ARA. It is reported that a deal done at 313 U. S.

dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF ARA prices, but has not yet been confirmed. Benzene and styrene market down strong contrast. The current European market prices of downstream products with poor Benzene 400 USD / tonne.

Than the U. S. market Benzene – Styrene spread above the 100 U.

S. dollars / ton. Northwestern Europe benzene supply is adequate, styrene demand was not so clear.

It is reported recovery of polystyrene demand. However, the limited demand for PS producers, downstream demand remained weak recently. Wednesday, the European benzene rebound, up 18 U.

S. dollars / ton, to the United States and around the level of the carry trade profits. Morning delivery in March rose to 320 disk U.

S. dollars / ton, 1,000 tons, CIF ARA, and offer 350 U. S.

dollars / ton. April delivery tray 335 U. S.

dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF ARA, no offer heard that a trader may higher than the March 20-25 U. S. dollars / ton.

Afternoon, March offer down, interval reduced to 325-335 USD / tonne. The market is not traded heard, the market believes that the market fundamentals have not changed. Thursday, as rising crude oil market, stimulating the market and purchase intent, drive north-western Europe Benzene spot prices rose 8.

5 U. S. dollars / ton.

March contract price negotiations will be based on the daily spot market price, as all parties to return to the market, market liquidity has also been deadly accuracy. Morning, learned that a group of 2 tonnes of cargo in 335 U. S.

dollars / tons, 1000 tons CIF ARA price change hands, but the details have not been confirmed. The deal implies a market price higher than the previous day’s closing prices rose slightly in March, but then handed the offer price to drop to 1,000 tons ,325-335 USD / tonne CIF ARA range scope. Close, although the crude oil market has shown a significant rise in the price that benzene can stand on a higher level, but there is no clear indication that market conditions change.

Price higher than the March, April, delivery trays 340 U. S. dollars / tons, 1000 tons, CIF ARA, no offer heard to this post two months remain in 20 U.

S. dollars / ton. .

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