Benefits Of An Outside CA: India Based Companies Should Opt For Accounting Services

October 13, 2017


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Benefits Of An Outside CA: India Based Companies Should Opt For Accounting Services

Accounting fraud is a situation a lot of businesses would like to avoid. Taking cues from the latest happenings in the world of accountancy, businesses need to realise the importance of sincere accounting services. The ICAI has held two top notch financial officers from Satyam computers and four auditors from PriceWaterHouse guilty in case of accounting fraud. B Ramalinga Raju confessed about these matters in a court of law in January. It turns out that the irregularities run to several thousand crores of rupees.

If you are a small business in India, doing the accounts for your company might seem like a good option up to a certain point in time. Software like Small business accounting, Quicken and Tally might be helpful, but not potent and definitely not efficient.

Accounting services: Finding a good CA in India is not too difficult

A good accounting service for your business, irrespective of its size or valuation can be found in India itself. While many businesses like working with established organisations when it comes to book keeping and accountancy, there are the smart ones that will stick to unconventional names. A few even choose to stick with sole operating accountants who provide accounting services at affordable rates.

A few key features to look for in an accounting service in India

Look for the right features in an accounting service, if you care for your business and its growth. Businesses do not realise the importance of meticulously kept accounts assuming that it is an understood prerequisite of most businesses. On the contrary, well kept accounts are the sign of a well managed business. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing accounting services in India:

Your accounting needs: Make a list of the services you need. This would involve, enumerating the things, you know you cannot concentrate on along with running the business. Accounting services in Pune, India offer plenty of services such as

1. Audit assurance services

2. Management Assurance Services

3. Corporate Financial and Legal Advisory

4. Taxation

5. Knowledge Process Outsourcing etc.

The cost: This factor should not be a deciding factor. You will find a chartered accountant in Pune, Indiawho will do your accounts, for a price that can be negotiated. Also there are many CA firms in Pune India that will provide a list of services for lower costs, especially tasks involving simple book keeping.

The people you are working with: with a number of high flying accounting services in Pune as well as all over India, it is likely you will get mired in a lot of networks and hierarchy. You should determine the exact person to contact and deal with in the company or accountancy service.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to make a good choice as far as accountancy services are concerned. If you are looking for accountancy services in Pune, India, then there are plenty of accounting experts in Pune and in India that can provide accounting services at competitive prices.

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