Ballymena, County Antrim – The Middle Townland

September 12, 2017

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Ballymena, County Antrim – The Middle Townland

Ballymena is a town located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Ballymena is also labeled as Baile Meanach in Irish which means “The Middle Townland”. The town is seat of the Ballymena Borough Council. The population of Ballymena is 28,717 according to the 2001 Census.

Ballymena was build on 1626 when King Charles I awarded the land to the Adair family, on the condition that the town will host or sponsor two annual fair as well as a free Saturday market that will run for a long time. In fact Saturday market is still operates these days. Aside from that there are also several significant places of attraction in the town such as several buildings throughout the town and the Town Hall that was built in 1924, which have renovated in 2007.

Ballymena is one of the most widely visited towns in County Antrim because it mixes both the classic and the contemporary tradition and arts of Ireland. It is very easy to get in the town because they are just very close at Belfast International Airport in Belfast. There are also train and bus station as well as M2 runs at the town.

Getting around at Ballymena is very exciting. However, driving around the town can be puzzling because there are many frequent lane changes as well as one way street. That is why it is much ideal to navigate the town by foot.

When you arrive at Ballymena there are a lot of things to do and experience. If you enjoy shopping you can visit their upscale shopping center such as the Tower Centre and Fairhill. There are also wide arrays of restaurants, wherein you can enjoy their traditional cuisines and delicacies. There are also some well-known food establishments in the town such as Burger King, McDonalds and Starbucks. Ballymena have also bowling alley, cinema as well as pubs. Aside from that some of the attractions of the town are the Broughshane, famous for its flowers, Portglenone Forest and the splendid view at the Slemish Mountain

After the long day of activities and excitement of course you will need to look for a place of accommodation. Ballymena’s main hotels are Tullyglass, The Adair Arms and Hotel One. If you are in a tight budget you can also try their lower price guest houses. So in the event that you want to experience Irish tradition, Ballymena is a must see place to visit.

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