Avon Necklaces Seem to Hold Key to Companies Past & Future

May 18, 2017


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Avon Necklaces Seem to Hold Key to Companies Past & Future

In 1886 a young New York man was looking for a way to not only make money for himself, but also provide a socially acceptable way for women to earn money for their families. At this time many single or widowed women found it hard to locate jobs that paid much, and not many at all would be called enjoyable. In a small room on Chambers Street in New York, David McConnell founded what would later become the Avon Company. His first General Agent was a Mrs. PF Albee, and to this day, is looked upon by the company as a good model for Avon Managers all over.

In 1971 the company decided to expand its product lines beyond just makeup and perfume, to jewelry. It had experimented a few years earlier with a solid perfume contained within a pendant necklace and had been pleased with sales results. Still, the first Avon necklace products were hard to come by as the demand from Avon customers was much higher than anticipated. To this day vintage Avon necklaces from the early and mid seventies are difficult to find and command a high price for those looking to collect.

Avon truly ramped up jewelry production in the mid 80’s and through today continues to produce multiple lines of bracelets, anklets, necklaces and more. In fact, by inspecting the official Avon website, one can find all kinds of gift ideas from bath & body elements to footwear and even limited apparel options.

The “king” of Avon jewelry remains their custom designed line of necklaces that are released in limited quantities, which insures plenty of customer demand. In fact, several recent Avon necklace styles have been sold out long before the company planned, and are even hard to locate on eBay and other online auction sites.

Many young women appreciate the affordability of most Avon necklace products, which range in price from five-dollars to just over one hundred. One of Avon’s best selling necklaces in recent years is the Breast Cancer Crusade “flip flop” design. The necklace is pink and carries the words “we never walk alone” on the bottom. While the item sells for just five-dollars on the Avon site, all profits benefit the search for a cure for cancer.

As you learn more and more about Avon, its products and its business operations, you find a company that has maintained its roots of helping to empower women. In addition to fighter breast cancer Avon has also recently partnered with the United Nations to ignite a worldwide campaign dedicated to ending violence against women.

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